Garrod Kirkwood

How and when did you come up with the idea of working in photography?
I completed an art and design foundation course at the age of 17. From there, I realised my strength lay and talent in photography and from there it needed nurturing. I then went onto study at degree level, followed by a 3 year stint as an assistant for one of the world’s top advertising photographers.

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?
I gain inspiration from books, magazines, instagram, blogs, photography awards and films. My greatest inspiration has come from photographers such as Albert Watson, Nadav Kander and William Eggleston.

Please name one (or more) photographer, whose work played a significant role in finding your own personal style in photography
As named above. William Eggleston, Nadav Kander and Albert Watson.

What, from your point of view, are the major challenges in photography?
In a sea of competition, the main obstacle, is for your work to stand out. Doing something creative and different, in a world where everything has been done and seen before. I try and do this with the minimalist style and colour palette. Keeping my work soft and organic but with a strong pastel range throughout my colour schemes.

What’s your personal impression about america?
I think America is a truly fascinating place with such a diverse range of places in one country. Each different state having a different culture, weather and public outlook. Almost like countries within a country. In short, I love it.

What’s the meaning of your americana series?
My goal with the project really was just to make great images based on my findings and feelings at any given time. It really was quite a simple process as I carry my camera everywhere I go. And with this, I act upon my emotions and shoot impulsively based on my findings. I find working this way gives an honest perspective on my surroundings. I’m there but not seen and capture what’s happening from a distant point of view.The title of the project was only picked when I saw the full body of work together. And it felt right, you know? It felt like I captured an outsiders perspective on American culture, that I felt when I was there. A lot of the experience really felt like I was travelling through Tarantino movie sets!

The treatment given to the photographs afterwards is based on a look that suits the colour scheme i see as being strong within the conditions. I pick a colour that works and build the look on that colour for each individual image. The light in California really formed the bright base that sits within the body of work.

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